To honor the founder of the Angel Creek 50, the late Drew Harrington, we have renamed this event “Drew’s Angel Creek 50”. This race was born in March 2015 when we reached out to Drew to ask for his support in saving the Sluice Box 100. Drew had a better idea and shared his vision of holding a trail ultra in the Chena River Recreation Area. He had the course of the 50 miler already mapped out and his vision was compelling. It was an easy sell. We would have been happy to just volunteer and support him as the race director but true to Drew, he was generous and wanted us all to have an equal say. So rare in a race, Angel Creek 50 had three co-directors. We always felt though that the Angel Creek 50 was really Drew’s baby and we were just helping him raise it. We are deeply committed to continuing these amazing races for Drew and look forward to 2021.

George Berry and Karen Taber
Co-directors, Angel Creek 50